fnac are the largest french marketplace in France with a long reach into surrounding french speaking territories. As one of the most popular marketplaces in Europe it’s an attractive additional market for many retailers hungry for sales.

As you would expect you don’t  get sales without trying and that is why the fnac repricer from Seller Dynamics exists. With Seller Dynamics allowing repricing across multiple markets including Amazon and Play, it becomes simplicity itself to set up your min and max margins, to not only sell on fnac, but on a multitude of other markets at the same time.

ballDesigned to be as flexible as possible our fnac repricer allows you to set your margins quickly and easily. We call each each set up a pricing profile, and you can assign a pricing profile to as wide or as narrow a product set as you see fit.

List hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of SKUs on fnac and with our fnac repricer be assured that your margin is always maximised and your price always presented at its best. With fnac being a catalogue based system its the easiest thing in the world to extend your sales into new markets and with our fnac repricer you can be assured of success.

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