ebay generates over $60 Billion in sales each year for it’s users around the globe in over 36 territories. In fact ignore that statement – I wrote it 5 seconds ago so it’s already bound to be out of date.

For many retailers ebay has become an essential place to list and sell. But how do you win the sales you need – how do you make sure you’re getting the margin required.

An ebay repricer for over 36 ebaysUnlike other marketplaces ebay operates on a best match search basis, rather than on best price. That means it’s your listing quality that is the essential element to get your products found – not the price. So why then, would you need an ebay repricer?

The ebay repricer from Seller Dynamics allows you to set your prices on ebay without hassle. Each time you get a revised stock list from your suppliers simply upload it to Seller Dynamics and your margin will be added to the cost prices listed. That saves you hours and also ensures that your prices are always as keen as they need to be. There is no risk that you have underpriced an item because of a suppliers price change. And because we operate across over 36 different ebays you can have a different price on each if you so choose.

An ebay repricer is an essential toolSo an ebay repricer is an essential tool in the toolbox, knife in the cutlery drawer, and other metaphors.

The Seller Dynanmics ebay repricer also comes with a number of bells and whistles to give your business the edge. For instance we like the rounding up feature which optionally will take your price and move it to the nearest .99p price. Lets face it £3.99 sounds like a bargain – even if you could sell it at £3.74. Aren’t we a strange bunch?

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