Amazon has over 200 million shoppers all eagerly buying stuff from the truly global marketplace. So how can you get your share of those shoppers. How can you get your share of around $40 billion third party sales per annum. You need an Amazon Repricer!

Our Amazon Repricer gets you your share of over 200 million customers and $40 Billion in sales per annum

An Amazon Repricer allows you to automatically compete against other retailers selling the same stuff as you. In Seller Dynamics thats one of the numerous features that will ensure you sell more and sell more profitably.

The basics are easy enough… set a minimum margin and a maximum margin around an anchor price. That anchor price could be the cost price from your supplier – or perhaps you’d rather set it as the minimum price you would like to accept. Then set the min margin, maybe you must make at least 10%, and then the max margin maybe 400%.

That’s it really, after that the Seller Dynamics Amazon Repricer will happilly move your price up and down all day, every day quietly moving your price up and down as the market place allows. That means you’ll sell more and you’ll sell more profitably as Seller Dynamics continuously maximises the margin in your favour.

Superhero kidSo thats the basics but what else is special about the Seller Dynamics Amazon Repricer?

Well quite a lot… various options are available to the ambitious sales hungry retailer. You can opt to compete only against the Amazon Buy Box for instance and leave the left hand side of Amazon to be fought out by everyone else. In short you can pick the fight you want to. And you can also put in a fixed profit level that you must meet – maybe you always want to 50p to cover postage or packaging. And our Amazon repricer lets you set fixed prices rather than a price that can moved around. And you can compete on the “fully landed” price or on thenet product price. Lets face it you can do everything you need to, to win more profitable business.

Our Amazon Repricer allows to compete on the Amazon Buy Box and win business time after time

Being part of a much larger system also means you can set up pricing profiles that don’t just work on Amazon – how about Rakuten’s Play (Playtrade) or how about fnac. We also have some clever pricing rules for ebay. Find out more about our Amazon Repricer by click here (there is even a free trial).

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