How to win the Amazon Buy Box

It’s a popular topic among marketplace sellers – How To Win The Amazon Buy Box.

The reason that it is so popular is that over 80% of sales go through it on Amazon – that’s quite a lot.

We’ve explained at the link above what are the key drivers for winning it. Although it’s likely that Amazon tinker with the Buy Box algorithm, it’s fair to say the bottom line is: have stock, have great service, have a great price.

Price is not the be all and end all. Amazon like to ensure that you can deliver the goods and can cope with customers well – so the Buy Box algorithm that they run figures that out.

As an aside: once you win the Buy Box don’t assume it’s yours forever. Amazon now share it around a little. So once you win a sale you may find that another retailer takes over pole position for a while if they have a similar Buy Box score to youself. That seems fair in our opinion, frustrating perhaps, but fair.

If Amazon are competing with you on the Buy Box, you are in for a tough fight. But once their stock runs out, you’ll see your sales jump. So don’t despair.


Multichannel selling – beyond the a to z of Amazon

There is one thing sure in business – more sales is always a good thing. OK, that might make life a bit stressful and maybe it puts your supply chain under a bit of pressure, but more sales is what everyone is chasing.

We’ve found that almost all retailers who come to us are looking for more in the way of sales, and more in the way of profit. For many the answer is simple enough – extend your reach beyond the markets that you are already selling on. Many retailers start of on – the relatively simple process of listing because of the underlying catalogue, means that it is a sensible first step.

So where after Well first port of call is the other Amazons. USA, Canada, Germany etc are all easy enough options, and again, because of the underlying catalogue, you don’t have as much work as you would otherwise. There are 8 Amazons that third party sellers can sell on – USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Japan. Only the Japan Amazon can be problematic – and only then because you’ll need a Japanese bank account to keep the locals happy. A look at where online shopping is well established indicates, that beyond the UK, Germany and the USA are favourite. But the other Amazons are so easy to list on that the question has to be why not? Any incremental review must be a good idea. And with online shopping growing at around 16% on average it’s clear that a small market today will be a big market tomorrow.

Beyond the various Amazons there is also the three dozen or so ebay sites. ebay requires a bit more work because it does not have a catologue system (well not a terribly comprehensive one). That means your listings need to be translated at least at the title level to increase your chances of sales. But with so many ebays and so many ebayers it makes sense to get on ebay. Starting of on or makes sense of course if you are english speaking. Beyond that, simply pick you territory and roll things out.

ebay listing quality is all important.The interesting thing about ebay is that its the quality of your listing that makes the difference – not the price, unlike Amazon. So it’s a place where extra effort can mean extra sales.

And the markets doon’t stop at Amazon and ebay. Seller Dynamics also lists and manages your Play and fnac listings. Another two key markets that have a catalogie system to ensure the amount of work needing done by the retailer is minimised.

Go beyond the a to z. Reprice on Amazon, ebay, Play and fnac.We’ve covered all the bases for repricing – our repricer is an Amazon Repricer, ebay Repricer, Play Repricer and fnac Repricer all roped into one easy to use system to reduce workload while maximising sales opportunities. So if your looking to sell beyond the “a to z” world look at the other markets that are out there and look at Seller Dynamics to make it a reality.

Multi Channel experts add ebay Click and Collect to service

Ever wandered around a store wondering why you hadn’t just bought the thing online? Yip – me too. And so it seems do a pile of other folks.

Click and Collect options continue to increase in the online retail world.  PC World, Tesco, Selfridges, Halfords all offer collection services,  for customers who would rather pick up goods when it suits them, rather than wait in for the “man in the van” or visit the store. Admittedly some do collections better than others – I’m sure we have all been confronted by the confused sales assistant who hasn’t been shown how to e-fulfill, but let’s be positive.

ebay and Argos teamed up a wee while back to allow selected ebay retailers to use Click and Collect via Argos on ebay, nice one. And now Seller Dynamics has just released support for the convenient and time saving option. It’s the latest addition to the marketplace software.

We know how much of a pain it can be for folks to wait around waiting for a delivery – we let the guys in the office get their stuff delivered here (the place looks like Santa’s Grotto at Christmas) –but not everyone can do the same. So we figured… if we knew it was a problem then it must be worth adding the ebay Click and Collect features.

You can get the low down on ebay’s Click and Collect here.

Link to story on the Seller Dynamics site here.

#IRX14 See you there @etailexpo 26/27 March

Ecommerce – dead big and getting dead bigger. Birmingham’s elegantly architected NEC is once again hosting the Internet Retailing Expo (yes of course we’ll be there).

It’s “bigger than ever” (don’t you just love those phrases that sound like a warehouse clearance sale for Settees?)… but seriously it is, there are 50% more exhibitors this year than last. Thats a huge amount of additional free pens and sore feet over last year.

The exhibitors are expecting an increase of 25% in visitors – we think that’s in actual through the door numbers as opposed to their physical size. But with the UK population steadily getting wider maybe they do mean by physical volume.

Seller Dynamics – sporting our new look (Dolce and Gabbana narrowly won out over Armani) – will be on hand to give the visitors someone to talk to. Fraser will be explaining what we do and how we do it (he’s CTO and loves the techy questions and he has also been working out to get ready for the show, ask him to show you his Guns), Richard will be on hand to prove that you really can’t live without Seller Dynamics (yip, he’s in sales), and Alex, I’m not really sure what I do.

So for all your Multi Channel e-commerce answers about selling on Amazon, ebay, Fnac and Play come to K33 and meet the team. We don’t bite and don’t do much in BS either, we leave that to others. And we don’t send you to do a Post Doc at University to use Seller Dynamics – we leave that to others as well. Lets face it, it’s simply not that hard.

The Internet Retailing Expo at Birmingham’s NEC runs from 26-27th March, full details at:

See Seller Dynamics on Stand K33 and take advantage. Find out more about multi-channel ecommerce and our marketplace software.