Seller Dynamics Podcast – Episode 5

Hear Vic Levitin of Crazy Lister discuss with Alex Ogilvie of Seller Dynamics how he started selling on eBay to help finance his law studies as an undergraduate.

You’ll hear how he discovered the killer product he needed to start selling well on eBay and how that led him and his business partner to become eBay listing experts.

So talented do they become that ebay suggested they share their expertise with other sellers and so Crazy Lister was born.

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#DAVE – the automatic eBay repricer promises increased eBay sales

eBay announced a round of incredible stats recently – Cross Border Trade up 24% on the year being one of the eye catching figures – now at $55Bn.

With eBay continuing to grow in size, and reach, it’s getting harder for eBay sellers to stand out from the crowd. Enter Seller Dynamics with their newly released eBay repricer .

If you are an eBay buyer who is sensitive to price (who isn’t) then you’ll quickly learn how to retrieve the results you need in the order you need – cheapest first.

By default eBay orders things on a “best match” principle – which is an algorithm based on a combination of key words and seller status. However, savvy shoppers can set up their own search criteria to get the stuff they want to see, in the order they want to see it.

For sellers who want to maximise their sales to shoppers who operate like this it is important to get their price right. That’s where the eBay repricer from Seller Dynamics comes in. Sellers in the fast moving consumer goods space are likely to be using the eBay catalogue to source their listing information. And if they do, then Seller Dynamics can find their competitors who are doing likewise and find out what the best price is.

With that price information to hand, an eBay sellers prices can be adjusted up and down to maximise their sales while protect the margin.

#DAVE was the working name for the eBay repricer from Seller Dynamics, and here he is to show how it works:

ebay listing tools for bulk ebay uploading

If you are already selling on eBay, or if you are thinking about taking that step, you will no doubt be looking around trying to decide how best to upload your listings easily and quickly. And you’ll also be wondering how best to do your ebay stock management as the width and breadth of your SKUs increase.

For many the first thing to look at is the eBay bulk uploader, Turbo Lister. It is very popular, and clearly does what eBay needs it to do. It is also free, which does tend to encourage folks to give it bash. There is nothing wrong with it, but like all free offerings you have to decide if it’s what you really need to drive business.

For a bulk uploading tool to be really useful to your business it has to do a number of things that an eBay focussed tool will never do.

There are, of course, multiple marketplaces out there, so any ebay listing tool needs to be able to accommodate those other, rival sites. So any eBay listing tool needs to be a bit like a swiss army knife, it needs to do more than just take stones out of a horses hoof.

Effective eBay listing tools will also require to cope with pricing. You’ll want some way to quickly take a suppliers stock list and to use the supplied cost prices to generate your own price for the eBay customer. You could recalculate on a percentage for instance, or perhaps you’ll want to set a specific value. And how about Postage, what’s the overhead for that?

Then you’ll want to think through how you handle stock levels. Uploading the quantity is one thing, but your ebay stock management software system needs to continuously adjust and monitor things as you dispatch to customers and take delivery of orders from suppliers. And of course, you’ll also need to adjust things as you sell on alternative marketplaces.

With eBay being in over 36 countries, it’s also important that the eBay listing tools with the management system can handle localised listings. We all prefer to be sold to in our own language, so ebay listing tools that support genuine localisation are to be preferred.

For ebay bulk listing it should be apparent by now that you really do need a fairly sophisticated eBay management software system. eBay listing tools such as Turbo lister are fine and good value for some, but realistically if you have ambition then you’ll need to look further afield.

Managing ebay just got easier – automated ebay onboarding from Seller Dynamics

It can be difficult to keep a handle on  your ebay listings, there is a lot to manage. That’s why you need some software to help out. And of course with the right software you can not only manage and automate ebay – you can also manage other marketplaces.

One difficultly in moving to a software package is the time it can take to get all the data you need to populate the system – but not any more, not with Seller Dynamics.

Thanks to the clever tech team at Seller Dynamics you can now automate the importing of your ebay data. Imagine that, you’ve built up your ebay listings over many months, probably years, and now you can pull them all into a system that lets you manage the whole thing and keep yourself sane.

The enhancement to the ebay selling tools have come about after a fair amount of market research and development effort by the team. At first the team automated the importation of Amazon listings and once they were happy that that had been accomplished smoothly, they decided to tackle the much more complex task of ebay automated migration.

So, good news, now if you’re looking for ebay listing tools you finally have the option to use one without all the pain and suffering that you may have previously been worried about. Importantly you’ll also be able to utilise an ebay repricer, designed to spot when your underlying stock price has changed and automatically update the prices – even round them up to the next highest 99p if you choose.

With the capability to extend your ebay listings onto other ebay country specific sites there hasn’t been a better time to move to or adopt the Seller Dynamics marketplace management software. Whether you want to sell in Canada or Australia the whole process has just become a lot simpler thanks to the new streamlined onboarding and automated ebay migration features in Seller Dynamics.

Don’t loose your ebay Christmas sales

The latest ebay seller changes need a little attention if you want to make sure you hang onto your Christmas Sales.

New rules for the Christmas holiday season oblige sellers to offer an extended returns policy or face loosing their Premium Service status. Loosing that status will have a negative impact on sales levels so it’s clear that sellers have little choice other than to comply.

To hang onto your premium status you need to extend the period in which you will accept returns to the 31st January for purchases made from the start of November to the end of December. You’ll need to indicate that you offer the extended returns period at the listing level.

You can see chapter and verse on the ebay change for Christmas at:

Fulfilment – Royal Mail feels the pain of Amazon changes

Fulfilment continues to be an area where fights are being fought as exemplified by the recent results from The Royal Mail. Activity surrounding click and collect is at an all time high, exemplified by Amazon’s Tube Station pick up points and the Argos ebay Click and Collect service.

The financial pain of the fulfilment fight became obvious this week when Royal Mail shares slipped back on results. The reasons? Well Amazons removal of free delivery on items below £10, as well as the expansion of their own delivery services are being cited as the cause by Royal Mail.

Whether this is just a blip or a longer term challenge for the Royal Mail remains to be seen, but with so much at stake when it comes to ecommerce fulfilment it’s unlikely to be a situation that will be allowed to sort itself out.

So expect competition to increase in the fulfilment sector.