Instant Messenger for the Seller Dynamics website

At Seller Dynamics we’ve always been serious about being available for our customers and building a more personal business image. Whether this is our Account Team being readily available to speak to all clients, or our social pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we like to communicate and hear what people have to say to us.

We have a recently installed a new instant messenger chat feature which now allows anyone browsing the site to chat to the team. Useful for current clients, potential clients, interested browsers, you can now have an instant conversation with a member of staff. If you want to ask us questions, find out more about multi channel ecommerce, or simply hit us up with your best chat, we’ll be there to chat back.

This chat service is effectively an extension of our Account Team and can be used if you need to quickly obtain some information or speak to one of our Account Managers or members of the Sales Team.

Come along, give us your chat, and tell your friends because after all, who else offers you instant marketplace management tips and advice at the touch of your keyboard?

Amazon customers offered digital copies of books they’ve purchased since 1995

Amazon has announced plans to offer customers digital copies of printed books that they have purchased in the past for a free or at a discounted price. Named “Amazon Matchbook,” the service which will launch exclusively in the USA from October, and is expected to be rolled out over Amazon’s international marketplaces in the near future.

Long before becoming a partner marketplace of Seller Dynamics, Amazon was initially established as an online vendor in 1995 and all customers who have purchased printed books since the early days of Amazon will now have the opportunity to add more than 10,000 selected titles to their Kindle either free of charge or at a low rate. This move is similar to the idea of Amazon Autorip, where customers who purchased CDs from Amazon were able to listen to their albums online. AmzKindleMatchbook

Amazon announced that Matchbook would offer digital versions of titles for prices ranging between $2.99 (£1.92) to free, and that the move is a step in bringing book enthusiasts into the digital world.

Seller Dynamics look to accelerate the online growth of automotive retailers

With the likes of eBay Motors and Amazon Car Store becoming increasingly popular choices for automotive retailers looking to sell online, Seller Dynamics is offering a new solution to help them win in the world of e-commerce. With Seller Dynamics’ cloud based marketplace management software offering powerful automated features such as dynamic repricing, inventory management and delivery & fulfilment solutions, retailers of all things car-related have their best-ever chance to grow sales and profits.


While not traditionally viewed as an e-retail sector, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon have developed thriving automotive sectors, enabling traders to list a huge range of car parts and accessories. From external lights and indicators, to rims and valves, the power of e-commerce is increasingly strengthening in this industry and Steve Boland of Seller Dynamics believes that now is the time for business owners to broaden their horizons when it comes to growing their profit margins.

“Ten years ago nobody would have thought of coming online to buy car parts but with so many options available these days, customers can do just that without the hassle of having to visit numerous stores and physically searching for the best deals. By listing online, automotive retailers will have their listings in the shop window 24/7 and will be opening up to a whole host of new potential customers.”

Boland adds, “with features such as dynamic repricing and stock control software, Seller Dynamics does most of the hard work that’s needed to run a business over multiple marketplaces, and vitally, allows clients to compete on price while still optimising profit margins.”

While bricks and mortar retail has stalled over recent years, Seller Dynamics is ready to put it back into gear and drive profits through the roof. Auto retailers are being encouraged to get in touch with the marketplace management experts and further information can be found by calling +44 (0)1786 430076 or emailing

One Year of Seller Dynamics!

This month marks a full year of Seller Dynamics! Providing marketplace management solutions is our speciality, and increasing sales for each and every client is what we do best. We’ve come a long way in our first year, and here are some of the changes that have taken place:

  • A World leading repricer: An advanced dynamic repricing tool to keep your offerings both competitive and profitable on each marketplace. We are also the only company to offer full dynamic repricing on Rakuten’s Compete on price, including competing for the Buy box on Amazon. Separate repricing options for FBA are also included.
  • New Partnerships: Seller Dynamics is officially a partner of Amazon, eBay, and Fnac, meaning that our clients can sell on all of those marketplaces.
  • Single Dashboard & Reporting: Easily view and edit all your stock and manage your orders on a single screen. Analyse your data to see which products are best sellers and generate live reports of your sales, margins, and customers.
  • Linking FBA to Seller Dynamics: Clients selling with FBA on Amazon can view all inventory from a single dashboard, automatically and intelligently switch stock between company stock rooms and Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

1 year of Seller Dynamics

If you’re interested in letting Seller Dynamics help grow your online sales, why not get a free demo or contact us on 01786 430 076 or

UK online sales hit a 2 year high


June proved to be a highly successful month for UK e-commerce, with year-on-year online sales figures growing by 20%. Reports from IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index suggest that the UKs economic recovery is being stimulated through an increased growth in online spending, with the online retail market even exceeding an average growth forecast of 12% to record a 16% growth in the first half of the calendar year.

This growth saw home and garden retailers profit the most after their industry saw a whopping 29% year-on-year growth from June 2012. Clothing sales were also up 29%, with experts indicating that both these sectors had benefited from the excellent summer weather the UK has seen over the past weeks. Mobile e-commerce has also been cited as a factor for this latest boom. Conversion rates via mobile devices increased slightly by 0.76% compared to the previous June. With more companies diverting bigger slices of their technology budget into investing in apps and user acceptance testing to improve the overall buying experience, shoppers are becoming more accepting of using mobile devices to complete transactions.

While this news is music to the ears of online retailers, success always brings competition, which is why it is absolutely vital to stand out from the crowd. Seller Dynamics helps online retailers do just so, whether it’s pricing, delivery rating, or inventory management. To see how we can help improve the position of your own retail business, arrange a free demo with us today by contacting us on 01786 430 076 or emailing

Sunny Days & Murraymania

While the country prepares to bask in a wave of glorious sunshine this coming week, the great weather might not be as exciting for online business owners who may be fearful that sales may fall victim to the glorious weather. This weekend especially would have seen less people surfing the web for deals with temperatures soaring to nearly 30 degrees and Murraymania gripping the nation. The nation may have been glued to TV screens in order to witness Andy Murray becoming the first Brit to win a Wimbeldon title after 77 barren years, but it’s not all doom and gloom for online businesses.


A champion in every sense of the word

Our main recommendation would be is to remind your audience that they have a smartphone. Whether this be through your website, company app, or Facebook page, a small notification to remind customers that they can make quick purchases over their phone might counter the problems which may arise should nobody be indoors on their laptop. Amazon and eBay offer an app available to all smartphone systems where goods can be purchased easily and paid for without hassle. In situations where a customer is searching for an item over their mobile app, we can help you place your listing at the top of the ranking through use of our dynamic pricing feature.

Our final piece of advice would be to target customers at later hours in the day once the sun is down. Why share a Facebook post or run an online advertisement during the brightest hours of the day when the likelihood is that most of your customers won’t be online until they’ve finished their barbecue or sunbathing? At the end of the day, you can always rely on the British weather to take a turn for the worst in no time at all, so on that note I hope you all make the most of the weather and enjoy basking in the glory of Andy Murray’s victory!

E-commerce 101

E-commerce is becoming increasingly important for most retail companies, especially due to the decline of the high street market and changing consumer habits. However, experience and knowledge of e-commerce varies between each person and it can be dangerous to rush into the world of internet shopping without knowing what you’re doing. Being involved in e-commerce is very important, but knowing how to operate in the correct manner is vital.

While selling on multiple marketplaces can open doors to new customers and increase revenue from online sales, there is always the risk of overselling (or underselling), failing to price your items at a competitive yet profitable rate, and complications signing up to new marketplaces, each with an independent set of trading rules for sellers. For some this is routine, yet for others this is mind boggling and could even deter people from going online. Seller Dynamics recongises that not everyone’s going to be an expert in e-commerce, and that’s why we’ve created our Quality Listing Management service.

As an add-on to our marketplace management software, we’ll upload your items to marketplaces, make sure your listings are crafted to encourage high conversion rates, and pass on some of our marketplace wisdom so in no time at all you’ll be an expert at online selling. Quality Listing Management isn’t exclusive to new clients either. Existing clients who may want to free up some time or who simply just want us to look over their live listings can use this service as well.

For more information about Quality Listing Management or Seller Dynamics in general, give us a shout on +44 (0)1786 430 076 or email us at