The recent Amazon Academy held in Glasgow reminded me that I haven’t mentioned Amazon Business in a while. If this triggers a sudden desire you can get the links on where to sign up at The Seller Dynamics Amazon Business page.

When Amazon Business launched in the USA it quickly generated huge sales and was something that became an instant hit. It’s not generated the same sort of headlines in the UK, but it still remains one of the most exciting retail opportunities that Amazon has launched for UK third party sellers.

So why do I think that?

Buying on Amazon Business

Well in short it gives businesses a procurement system without the hassle. Admittedly if you are procuring highly specialised items and services then Amazon Business is not for you. But if you are buying office, janitorial, or teaching supplies (as examples), then Amazon Business is just the thing.

It gives buyers a simple way to set up a shared account, to set spend levels and to control sign off workflows. So where a business was reluctant to use Amazon due to a lack of control, those concerns are now gone.

The benefits go further, Amazon Business uses all the fulfilment services that Amazon excel at. So rapid and dependable delivery is a given.

They even offer a credit line, when a business would rather pay after receipt of goods, rather than pay on purchase with a card.

And at last Amazon will also generate a VAT receipt for the purchaser, something that had been missing from the Amazon system for too long.

Selling on Amazon Business

It’s not just buyers that see the benefits of Amazon Business, sellers do as well.

Existing Amazon Sellers can open an Amazon Business account without much fuss, just a few pieces of information – nothing onerous.

The same products that Amazon Sellers sell to the public are made available on the Amazon Business side of the site with a few extra options available.

The chief option is to offer a discount (or not) on the public price for a single unit – and don’t worry, only Amazon Business account holders can see that price. And you can opt to offer discounts depending on the quantity purchased, a great way to increase average basket value.

Prices on the Amazon Business marketplace are presented net of VAT, making the shopping experience for Businesses so much more appropriate.

Amazon Business growth

Online B2B is growing fast, as is the Amazon marketplace world, that’s quite a combination.

Business buyers want to buy with the ease that they buy personally, and Amazon Business provides that. And it provides all the controls and paper trails you need – whether buying or selling.

It’s a Procurement System that has thousands of sellers, hundreds of thousands of buyers, endless product lines, and great prices. What’s not to like?

It’s also clear that regardless of what you sell, you might as well be offering it through Amazon Business. Why exclude yourself from a market? You really need to be selling on Amazon Business, and if you start before your competition do then you’ll enjoy being one step ahead.

Amazon Academy

I started by mentioning the recent Amazon Academy, so let me return to that.

At the end of the day, Head of Amazon Business UK (Marketplace), Nikhil Amin, introduced the Amazon Business Session.

Of all the sessions during the day, this was the one, as far as I was concerned, that offered the best opportunity for new sales, without any hassle, to existing Amazon Third Party Sellers. All you have to do is sign up. That has to be quite a compelling proposition.

There is a brief summary on how to get started on the Seller Dynamics Amazon Business page, so have a look there for all the necessary links. And as you would expect, Seller Dynamics, fully supports Amazon Business, including automatic repricing, stock adjustment and so on.

Give Amazon Business a go – it can only increase your sales.

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