Keeping on top of your Amazon account if you are a seller is undoubtedly difficult. One of the most challenging aspects is pricing. With Amazon Fees to think about as well as all the other overheads it would be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

We’ve updated our Amazon Profit Calculator to take into account a couple of shifts in the fees that Amazon have made, and the new categories that have popped up since we introduced the Amazon Fee Calculator.

We’ve also made it easier to see what the Amazon Fee is – previously we concentrated on promoting the final selling price to get the profit you needed. Now we (clearly) show both the Amazon Fee and the Final Selling Price that you need to get to make the proft you want on Amazon.

You can find the Amazon Fee Calculator on the Seller Dynamics site, but as way of an interesting distraction we have also popped it onto the Objective Associates site – click to see our update to the Amazon Fee Calculator (it really is an easy way to find out how much you should be selling something for on Amazon).




Seller Dynamics
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