It’s a popular topic among marketplace sellers – How To Win The Amazon Buy Box.

The reason that it is so popular is that over 80% of sales go through it on Amazon – that’s quite a lot.

We’ve explained at the link above what are the key drivers for winning it. Although it’s likely that Amazon tinker with the Buy Box algorithm, it’s fair to say the bottom line is: have stock, have great service, have a great price.

Price is not the be all and end all. Amazon like to ensure that you can deliver the goods and can cope with customers well – so the Buy Box algorithm that they run figures that out.

As an aside: once you win the Buy Box don’t assume it’s yours forever. Amazon now share it around a little. So once you win a sale you may find that another retailer takes over pole position for a while if they have a similar Buy Box score to youself. That seems fair in our opinion, frustrating perhaps, but fair.

If Amazon are competing with you on the Buy Box, you are in for a tough fight. But once their stock runs out, you’ll see your sales jump. So don’t despair.


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