Despite the popularity of selling and buying on eBay, it’s always struck me as a difficult place to figure out what the cost of selling is on the site.

There are so many categories from Health and Beauty to Toys; and then there are all the options: do you want to add a subtitle, or add a gallery. It’s all a bit much to get your brain around.

That’s why at Seller Dynamics we’ve created some easy to use eBay Calculators so that you can find out fast how much it will cost you to sell an item.

There is a Free eBay Listing Calculator: that’s so that you can easily find out how much it is put your item onto eBay.

Then there is a Free eBay Final Selling Fees Calculator: that’s so that you can see what eBay will take from you when you sell the item.

The Free eBay Listing calculator has been built so that depending on what the eBay shop you have (or none) the listing fee will be adjusted. eBay shops have an included number of free listings – so sometimes it won’t cost you anything to list an item (other than the fixed monthly cost).

The Free eBay Final Selling Calculator takes into the consideration all the different percentage fees per category, even the different rates in sub categories. And it even spots when eBay have a maximum selling fee in place.

And for good measure we added in a Free VAT calculator – just because we could.

Hope you find the Free ecommerce calculators helpful.







Seller Dynamics
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