eBay announced a round of incredible stats recently – Cross Border Trade up 24% on the year being one of the eye catching figures – now at $55Bn.

With eBay continuing to grow in size, and reach, it’s getting harder for eBay sellers to stand out from the crowd. Enter Seller Dynamics with their newly released eBay repricer .

If you are an eBay buyer who is sensitive to price (who isn’t) then you’ll quickly learn how to retrieve the results you need in the order you need – cheapest first.

By default eBay orders things on a “best match” principle – which is an algorithm based on a combination of key words and seller status. However, savvy shoppers can set up their own search criteria to get the stuff they want to see, in the order they want to see it.

For sellers who want to maximise their sales to shoppers who operate like this it is important to get their price right. That’s where the eBay repricer from Seller Dynamics comes in. Sellers in the fast moving consumer goods space are likely to be using the eBay catalogue to source their listing information. And if they do, then Seller Dynamics can find their competitors who are doing likewise and find out what the best price is.

With that price information to hand, an eBay sellers prices can be adjusted up and down to maximise their sales while protect the margin.

#DAVE was the working name for the eBay repricer from Seller Dynamics, and here he is to show how it works:

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