Over on Seller Dynamics we were thinking about what 2015 had in store – the same year in which Back to the Future II is set. We found lots of things on Amazon for Marty McFly fans (here’s the link to our ecommerce retail in 2015 piece).

We claim in the piece that Amazon fullfillment robots will become self aware on the 29th August, that makes perfect sense given the Jeff Bezos march to world domination using robots, drones and retail. But we didn’t expect the rise of the machines quite yet. However, over on Amazon Japan the machines have indeed just risen. 200,000,000 Yen will secure you a Terminator of sorts that would do well on the film set of Alien, Avatar and any of The Terminator films.

Heres the promo video:

If your Japanese is up to it then heres the link. And if your credit card is up to it then let us know – we all want a go on it at Seller Dynamics.

Seller Dynamics
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