Another Christmas, another set of online records for retailers. At Seller Dynamics we’ve been running our own quick calculations on growth and increases. In short, the headline is, “everything is up a third”.

Online Christmas Sales

Fist we looked at November 2014 compared to November 2013. Sales for the same retailers using Seller Dynamics were up 30.2%.

Christmas 2014 online – everything is up a third.

Then we compared Black Friday 2014 against Black Friday 2013. Sales for the same retailers using Seller Dynamics were up 35.1%.

And then, to do something a little bit different, we looked at how Cyber Monday 2014 compared to Manic Monday 2014. Cyber Monday for Seller Dynamics users was up 31.9% compared to the Monday just one week earlier.

So after all that – all you need to remember is that everything is up, and it’s up a third if you’re a Seller Dynamics user. For those that haven’t discovered Seller Dynamics yet, it’s a marketplace management system. It includes a variety of features to allow you to list on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon(s), eBay(s), Rakuten’s Play and Fnac. For instance, within the feature set is an Amazon listing tool & Amazon repricer, but similar features exist for all the markets we support. The result is that retailers can sell more across a wider customer base and they can manage their margins automatically, making a big difference to their bottom line (whether or not it’s Christmas).


Seller Dynamics
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