Well this is crazy. Police have been attending Tesco stores up and down the country to calm crowds and in some cases actually close stores. Never mind the season of goodwill… get your hands of my Telly or I’ll punch you in the throat, seems to be a more common refrain. And it’s not just Tesco, others include Sainsbury and John Lewis.

Arrests, broken wrists, head injuries – all done with the sounds of Jingle Bells playing in the background. The USA shopping event has well and truly landed in the UK and it doesn’t seem to be one that spreads peace and joy.

The marketers have done a great job of promoting sales well in advance and with some great deals – 70% of TVs and half prices Dyson vacuum cleaners caught my eye. But I wouldn’t wait till a store opened at midnight and buy anything in the maelstrom, just so I could get any old bargain. I didn’t think many of us would be prepared to fight for a bargain, but it looks like enough people will do exactly that.

Online, where its harder to punch someone, the expected spend in the UK is estimated as being £518mn – up 25% on the previous same day last year (ITV report). At Seller Dynamics the figures look even higher. Retailers using Seller Dynamics have seen an average increase of sales of 50.2% as of 2pm GMT on Black Friday. You can read more here Black Friday, Live Statistics 2014.

Why fight for a bargain when you just need to click on one?

And to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t get too carried away – here is how Santa copes with Christmas. He’s a big fan of Amazon repricer software and marketplace management.

Seller Dynamics
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