Whether you choose to be referred to as a Guiser or as a Trick or Treater, the chances are that you are already wondering how you should dress/mark/celebrate this Halloween. We have some ideas from the team.

With the large stores already displaying Christmas decorations to impatient shoppers you might have missed the Halloween items on the other side of the shelving. It’s easy to miss what you are looking for in some stores at his time of year, you go into your favourite department store looking for a Baking tray and come out with a dozen luxury Christmas crackers and a 12 inch high, battery powered, Santa that wiggles it’s hips and sings Jingle Bells.

So how can you get the Halloween stuff you need, demand, crave, need to get for the kids (delete as appropriate). For us it’s the online world of course. Our Amazon Listing Tool gets all hedonistic at this time of year as it starts listing items that are far from normal and less than appropriate for visiting an aging, nervous, relative when it’s pitch black outside and raining.

We took a look around Amazon given our interests in Amazon repricer software (and because it sounded like a good excuse to do something other than work). Here are our favourite must buy Halloween accessories…

Gary opted for a zombie Gnome, Gary is a keen gardener and is always keeping an eye open for parasitic pests and zombies.

zombie gnome

Meanwhile Barry opted for a Captain Kirk mask, explaining that he already had the shirt, trousers and boots (yes he is a Trekkie), and that the mask would set the whole thing off splendidly.


Always keen to scare the sh*t out of his wife and kids, Fraser went for the snakes in the toilet bowl gag. He claimed he’s seen worse over the years.


As for Richard, he decided the best way to enjoy Halloween was to do some gaming… Alien Isolation being his Halloween game of choice.


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