If you are already selling on eBay, or if you are thinking about taking that step, you will no doubt be looking around trying to decide how best to upload your listings easily and quickly. And you’ll also be wondering how best to do your ebay stock management as the width and breadth of your SKUs increase.

For many the first thing to look at is the eBay bulk uploader, Turbo Lister. It is very popular, and clearly does what eBay needs it to do. It is also free, which does tend to encourage folks to give it bash. There is nothing wrong with it, but like all free offerings you have to decide if it’s what you really need to drive business.

For a bulk uploading tool to be really useful to your business it has to do a number of things that an eBay focussed tool will never do.

There are, of course, multiple marketplaces out there, so any ebay listing tool needs to be able to accommodate those other, rival sites. So any eBay listing tool needs to be a bit like a swiss army knife, it needs to do more than just take stones out of a horses hoof.

Effective eBay listing tools will also require to cope with pricing. You’ll want some way to quickly take a suppliers stock list and to use the supplied cost prices to generate your own price for the eBay customer. You could recalculate on a percentage for instance, or perhaps you’ll want to set a specific value. And how about Postage, what’s the overhead for that?

Then you’ll want to think through how you handle stock levels. Uploading the quantity is one thing, but your ebay stock management software system needs to continuously adjust and monitor things as you dispatch to customers and take delivery of orders from suppliers. And of course, you’ll also need to adjust things as you sell on alternative marketplaces.

With eBay being in over 36 countries, it’s also important that the eBay listing tools with the management system can handle localised listings. We all prefer to be sold to in our own language, so ebay listing tools that support genuine localisation are to be preferred.

For ebay bulk listing it should be apparent by now that you really do need a fairly sophisticated eBay management software system. eBay listing tools such as Turbo lister are fine and good value for some, but realistically if you have ambition then you’ll need to look further afield.

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