While Amazon look to extend their business to include drone based airborne delivery as well as streamed gaming, it’s easy to forget that they came from an ambition to be an online book seller. At the time that seemed pretty far-fetched – surely folks will want to pick a book up and flick through the pages first. For the online book world Amazon was a game-changer.

Game changing is something that Amazon return to time and time again. The introduction of the Amazon Marketplace was another moment in time when the game changed. For many businesses that marketplace game changer gave them a new sales channel to exploit and develop. But as the entrants to the marketplace increased so retailers had to find out how to stay ahead.

That’s when an Amazon Repricer or, even better, a marketplace management system, became essential. If retailers wanted to be successful on Amazon, they needed to find their own game changer.

So what does a Marketplace Management System do for you? Well when it comes to Amazon you’ll need your marketplace management system to have a few specific features.

Amazon Listing Software

Amazon is a catalogue based system so if your stuff already is listed on Amazon the listing software need only reference a few pieces of specific information. Typically, your price and your stock levels – as well as your own reference… your SKU. The Amazon Listing software need only upload those few elements and you’re selling in no time.

Within Seller Dynamics you’ll find that the Amazon Listing Tool is an integrated part of the system – and because of that it lets you get up and running fast. For instance if you are already listing on Amazon when you come to Seller Dynamics you can quickly populate the Amazon Listing Tool in Seller Dynamics. By importing, or migrating, your existing listings we’ve taken care of almost all the pain of generating the data to get going. Simply import from Amazon using our Amazon Listing Software and you are good to go.

Amazon Repricing Software

Because Amazon is a catalogue based system it means that it is highly competitive for retailers, and that means you must have a proven and reliable Amazon Repricing Software system in place. For us that means our Amazon Repricing Tool has to work faultlessly time after time, as well as being easy to set up and monitor.

For an Amazon Repricing Tool to be of any real use it needs to cope with how you want to sell your stuff. That’s why the Amazon Repricing Software within Seller Dynamics lets you quickly set up minimum and maximum margins based on either a percentage of cost price or by using specific values. And a range of easily selected options let you decided whether you want to compete against the fully landed price or not, and on how you want to compete for the Buy Box. And, of course, if you want to set a fixed price that’s covered as well.

Amazon Reporting Software

With increased sales you’ll want to know how things are going and where things can be improved. The reports from Seller Dynamics ensure that you always stay informed. Do you have the best price? Are you winning the buy box? How much are you selling? How is dispatch performing?

For retailers on Amazon, getting automated is a must – and by getting automated on Amazon it also means you can look to other marketplaces to do even more.

Amazon Game Changing

Amazon introduced game changing to online retailing – now retailers can change their game as well. And of course Amazon are still game changing – with drones, phones and gnomes. (OK maybe not Gnomes.)

Amazon Repricer
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