The recommendation engine within Amazon occasionally comes in for some stick. My favourite story was from a colleague who had bought a Glasgow Rangers FC annual, after a few weeks he received an email encouraging him to buy a similar book… though he decided not to take up the offer, surprisingly Glasgow Celtic isn’t one of his favourite teams.

Recently I decided it was time to try and cover off the dead Wi-Fi spots at home and bought a Netgear Wi-Fi extender from Amazon. It sort of works, some of the time – but is maybe not the panacea I was looking for. But anyway I digress…

A couple of days later I got in my little helpful email from Amazon telling me what other people who bought the Wi-Fi extender also bought. The four recommendations started off sensibly enough, a four way mains adaptor and a five way mains adapter both seemed logical enough for the top two items. Recommendation three was a bit odd though – some Lavazza coffee. And as for recommendation four that was a Punch Bag Ceiling Hook. Not the punch bag – just the hook.

So clearly folks who have Wi-Fi dead spots like me are inclined to drink a lot of coffee – maybe they are up all night working or maybe gaming into the wee small hours. And I have to guess that they have been so frustrated by having so many Wi-Fi drop outs that they’ve broken the ceiling mount for their punch bag when working out their frustrations.

Anyway must go – that’s DPD with my Punch Bag Ceiling Hook at the door.

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