I like the sound of a helicopter, it must be a boyhood fascination thing. So on that basis I’m all excited about the notion of Prime Air from Amazon. When the PR stuff first went out it sounded more like a joke than anything else – would you really expect to see little flying drones delivering Amazon parcels to your door? Nope, me neither.

A few months further on and the joke doesn’t appear to be a joke after all. The latest is that Amazon are applying for permission to fly the little winged delivery men around the Seattle area, apparently you need to get permission. Ok, it’s only to test them, and presumably only around the HQ, but still… sounds like they really are serious.

So what are they up to? Well the idea of Prime Air is fair enough, but they also own a robots company. For me it sounds more like a good excuse to develop valuable technology, rather than to really have thousands of drones flying around any time soon. Amazon have already announced plans to increase the number of fulfilment robots in their warehouses, so extending their robot knowledge into things airborne seems like a reasonable thing to do. If it goes well they can always sell on the solution to anyone who needs little drones – traffic control, crowd control, espionage… that sort of thing I guess.

Watch the skies.



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