It was only a matter of time before ebay and Argos rolled out their Click and Collect service across the UK. It’s been getting trialed for a wee while now, it kicked off late last year and was on an invitation basis only. Seller Dynamics have already introduced the feature ahead of the general release, having worked with clients who were invited to the party. The idea is that it makes sales more likely if customers know they can collect locally when they choose to, obvious enough.

Like any new idea it’s had a few road bumps along the way, but nothing newsworthy enough to complain about. The important thing now is that it opens up 650 Argos stores as points of collection for ebay buyers. So if you are selling online, ebay fulfilment has just got a lot easier. Great things are expected – 65,000 users by the end of 2014 is the target.

The COO at Argos, David Robinson was quick to point out where ecommerce and retail are heading… “Fulfilment is the next retail battleground and Argos’ unique model is well placed to leverage this.” That’s a big statement, and one that is evidently true by the activity in the sector – Amazon and it’s London Tube Lockers being a case in point.

To ensure you are using ebay and Argos Click and Collect to it’s maximim potential, have a look at the marketplace management services from Seller Dynamics.


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