For an Amazon Repricer to help your online sales on Amazon it needs to deliver on a number of fronts. Here is our quick no-nonsense top 10 essential features for an Amazon Repricer.

1) Operates across multiple marketplaces – not just Amazon.

2) Supports multiple currencies on the various Amazon sites and other non Amazon sites.

3) Ensures you can compete on the Fully Landed Price, or the item price at your preference.

4) Provides you with the capability to have fully definable multiple pricing rules.

5) Allows you to group SKUs together under a single pricing rule quickly.

6) Supports options to allow you to compete on the Amazon Buy Box.

7) Provides scope to to add a fixed profit margin to each item.

8) Allows for the quick setting of min and max margins.

9) Ensures you don’t offer stuff you no longer have in stock regardless of the number of markets you are selling on.

10) Provides easy to understand reports to ensure you can see how well you are doing.

Amazon Repricer
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