Price Anchoring is an interesting subject, a subject much broader than many of us are aware of. One aspect of price anchoring is available on ebay – Strike Through Pricing. We’ll return to Price Anchoring again at some point I’m sure.

It seems rare to see anything on the high street, or in our favourite supermarket, that doesn’t have the original price scored out and a new one written underneath. Strike Through is eye catching and attention grabbing, it’s an implicit Call To Action to consider the item at it’s new, exciting price.

ebay Strike Through pricing is eye catching and attention grabbing, it’s an implicit Call To Action.ebay sellers can do the same and introduce Strike Through to indicate that there is a bargain to be had. With something as clever as this, ebay have a few rules in place and ultimately you’ll need to seek permission to use it. They have  a few requirements before you can use Strike Through pricing, and bear in mind that it isn’t available on all the ebay sites.

1. You must have a store level subscription. The subscription level controls how many items you can have “on sale”.

2. It must have been at the original price for at least 28 days.

Seller Dynamics offers Strike Through pricing as one of its many options within it’s ebay repricer and ebay lister – so it becomes very easy to manage and control. Experience tells us that getting Strike Through fully enabled requires a little of dialogue with ebay – but its all easy enough and we’re here to help as required.


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