It can be hard to get feedback on Amazon, but it is important. There are two distinct types of feedback on Amazon, one related to the product and one related to the seller. Both are important – but there is not a lot the retailer can do if someone doesn’t like the shade of blue on their new suede shoes.

Good feedback keeps Amazon happy and helps you win the Buy Box.Postive seller feedback is important for all the normal reasons – not least of which is that Amazon will push you out if your feedback rating drops below an acceptable level.

It’s permitted to solicit feedback from your buyers – though you must do it through the Amazon channel and not email the customer directly. Amazon “own” the customer and don’t take kindly to being bypassed.

Soliciting feedback from Amazon buyers is allowed. But be careful not to breach the rules or common sense.So should you solicit feedback from all your customers… well maybe not. If you can see that your delivery was a bit late (or less than ideal) then asking for a shiny 5 stars isn’t the cleverest thing to do. And asking for feedback from someone who has already complained bitterly but not yet left a star rating is probably less than clever.

That said if you have resolved an issue, or if negative feedback has been left by mistake, then asking for it’s removal (politely) is ok. Amazon doesn’t permit any form of coercion from buyer or seller and will come in hard if it suspects the same. And if a customer refuses to remove an incorrect feedback you can always appeal to Seller Central.

Positive feedback is important, especially if you are trying to win the much coveted Amazon Buy Box. The Amazon Repricer within Seller Dynamics has settings to let you compete on the Buy Box if you want to single it out. And while price is important in winning it, the quality of your service comes into play in a very significant way. So do you best to build your star rating – for ebayers it will seem much harder on Amazon to get feedback than it is on ebay, but that’s the way things roll, Amazon isn’t ebay.

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