If you want to open an ebay shop (and you probably should) then you’ll need to decide on the ebay subscription level to go for. There is a range of three different types of shop – you can find out about them here.

Opening a shop is essential if you are more than just a casual ebayer, it will ensure you can sell cost effectively at volume and also give you an opportuntiy to build a brand.

Open an ebay shop to significantly reduce your listing costs.The Basic, Featured and Anchor subscriptions go from £20 per month to £250 per month, and as you would expect you get a bit more bang for you buck as your subscription goes up. In short it’s the listing costs that are the main benefit, dropping significantly as you spend more. Use up more than the “free” allocation of listings and you’ll find that additional listings at the Featured level cost 5p as opposed to 10p at the Basic level. So it really does provide a substantial saving and ensures you can build a sizeable business on ebay cost effectively.

With more listings you’ll need the marketplace management services of Seller Dynamics, which includes ebay listing and ebay repricer services, all designed to help your business grow.

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