When Amazon introduced FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) it introduced a very powerful way to remove a burden from the retailer, while allowing Amazon to control (to some extent) the fulfillment experience. For some retailers it works very well, and if you are selling into different country territories, then it can serve as a very powerful way to keep your costs down and your delivery times short.
FBA is a powerful way to remove a burden from the retailer.
For others though FBA, doesn’t quite add up, maybe they have such a range and assortment of items that the shipping of a crateful to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre doesn’t make much sense.

For those folks, and others like them, there is a range of couriers to use. MyHermes is popular with a few of our retailers, but then so is DPD & DHL. Most though opt for the Royal Mail – that often maligned organisation who now move more boxes than ever before.

The organised thing to do is to take advantage of Printed Postage Impressions (PPI), all you need to do is get a PPI License from the Royal Mail Sales Centre, they’ll keep you right and help to get your account set up. Once set up you’ll find more postal options exist that you knew existed – signed for, airmail etc etc. There is a reasonable chance you’ll save yourself some money if you sign up for PPI – so it’s worth a look and a quick calculation on the back of an envelope.
Using Royal Mail PPI can save on costs and is easy to set up.
Within Seller Dynamics we allow the retailer to drop in the PPI image to their stationery. So as each package is made ready its just a matter of printing of an integrated label using our Amazon stationery software. That stationery can be set up with packing list, address and postage -making life so much more stress free. Fulfillment becomes much easier once you get organised and Amazon fulfillment with Seller Dynamics whether via FBA, Courier or Royal mail is designed to reduce time and headaches.

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