ebay’s “Best Match” results are influenced by the Title description but also by the status of the seller. So if you want to creep up the rankings then you’ll need to work on your ebay reputation.

Become a Top Rated ebay seller to improve your ebay search results.Becoming a Top Rated Seller will increase your position significantly, and with that your sales will also improve. Top Rated Seller status is awarded by ebay if you meet, and keep meeting, certain criteria. Though once you have Top Rated Seller status they will give you the benefit of the doubt for a little while if things slip a little.

So what are the road bumps to becoming an ebay Top Rated Seller?

1. You’ll need to be doing a certain number and value of transactions. That’s at least £1000 in value, across 100 sales, over the past 12 months. So that should be easy enough.
2. Next is customer satisfaction. These are straightforward enough – how do you measure up on communications, dispatch times, and how do your P&P costs look. P&P is particularly easy to measure up on – if you don’t charge for it, then you already pass muster.

Top Rated Seller status is actually a very self fulfilling target. The more you sell well, the more your feedback mounts and the more you’ll go up the rankings. The more you go up the rankings the more you’ll sell and so on, a very virtuos target.

As your sales go up it will become more important to streamline and automate your processes, with the ebay listing and ebay repricer within Seller Dynamics that will prove easy enough, and help ensure you don’t loose the coveted Top Seller award.

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