On the high street we buy with all our senses, but on the internet our senses are somewhat limited by the medium. That’s why it’s so important to have good quality images associated with your listings. For a long time ebay accepted almost any quality of image, but since late 2013 they tightened up the rules to improve the customers experience and, of course, ultimately increase sales.

ebay image rules help them present a much more cohesive and consistent look.As ebay continues to evolve it’s clear they are trying to present a much more cohesive and consistent look. The iPad ebay app presents very differently to the desktop experience – and in some peoples opinion is a much more pleasant online shopping experience. On the iPad the item images are a much more important aspect (if that’s possible).

The image rules are all perfectly sensible, here we summarise them:

• No image = no listing.
• At the time of writing you can upload 12 images for free for each listing.
• Each image must be at least 500 pixels on one side.
• The image must NOT have borders.
• Do not add text or graphics – this is referred to as graffiti.
• Don’t use the stock image from the catalogue if the listing is used. Fully refurbished items, as well as books and the like, are excluded.
• The new rules, for now, do not include Vehicle Parts or Tickets.

Customers of Seller Dynamics using our ebay repricer and ebay listing tool can host their images with Seller Dynamics for a modest fee, but there are a number of image hosting providers out there. There are also a number of organisations who take your images, or who will clean up your own photography. There is also a range of simple to use clean up tools out there if you have the time and attention to detail. We “bump into” the guys at Remove the Background (I wonder what they do?) from time to time so you might want to wander past their site to see if they suit.

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