There is one thing sure in business – more sales is always a good thing. OK, that might make life a bit stressful and maybe it puts your supply chain under a bit of pressure, but more sales is what everyone is chasing.

We’ve found that almost all retailers who come to us are looking for more in the way of sales, and more in the way of profit. For many the answer is simple enough – extend your reach beyond the markets that you are already selling on. Many retailers start of on – the relatively simple process of listing because of the underlying catalogue, means that it is a sensible first step.

So where after Well first port of call is the other Amazons. USA, Canada, Germany etc are all easy enough options, and again, because of the underlying catalogue, you don’t have as much work as you would otherwise. There are 8 Amazons that third party sellers can sell on – USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Japan. Only the Japan Amazon can be problematic – and only then because you’ll need a Japanese bank account to keep the locals happy. A look at where online shopping is well established indicates, that beyond the UK, Germany and the USA are favourite. But the other Amazons are so easy to list on that the question has to be why not? Any incremental review must be a good idea. And with online shopping growing at around 16% on average it’s clear that a small market today will be a big market tomorrow.

Beyond the various Amazons there is also the three dozen or so ebay sites. ebay requires a bit more work because it does not have a catologue system (well not a terribly comprehensive one). That means your listings need to be translated at least at the title level to increase your chances of sales. But with so many ebays and so many ebayers it makes sense to get on ebay. Starting of on or makes sense of course if you are english speaking. Beyond that, simply pick you territory and roll things out.

ebay listing quality is all important.The interesting thing about ebay is that its the quality of your listing that makes the difference – not the price, unlike Amazon. So it’s a place where extra effort can mean extra sales.

And the markets doon’t stop at Amazon and ebay. Seller Dynamics also lists and manages your Play and fnac listings. Another two key markets that have a catalogie system to ensure the amount of work needing done by the retailer is minimised.

Go beyond the a to z. Reprice on Amazon, ebay, Play and fnac.We’ve covered all the bases for repricing – our repricer is an Amazon Repricer, ebay Repricer, Play Repricer and fnac Repricer all roped into one easy to use system to reduce workload while maximising sales opportunities. So if your looking to sell beyond the “a to z” world look at the other markets that are out there and look at Seller Dynamics to make it a reality.

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