When it comes to listing on ebay there are a few rules that retailers must understand to make the most of their listings and increase the the chances of sales.

Unlike the catalogue based systems of Amazon, Play and fnac, ebay lets retailers create their own titles and descriptions. This increases the amount of work for a retailer selling thousands of items by some measure, so the ebay listing, ebay repricer and process automation features within Seller Dynamics become particularly important.

Getting found within ebay requires at the very least a good title for the product. You have 80 characters to use, and those 80 characters are what ebay uses to carry out it’s best match search. Clearly then, getting those 80 characters right is essential. And you also need to be careful not to inadvertently create items with the same title, ebay will assume you’re trying to game the system, so you’ll get a warning and a blunt instruction to remove “duplicates” – even if they are not truly duplicate.

The ebay title has 80 characters, use them well to be found by ebay’s best match search.So if the 80 characters are so important how can you best use them? Here are our 6 tips for title description – not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination, and not difficult. Be diligent and attentive to the detail and you should do well.

6 ebay listing tips – item title:

(1)    If the product has a strong brand be sure to include that – “Gant”, “Boss” etc.

(2)    Be clear with the colour if that is an important feature. And unless the brand is known for odd colour descriptions, ie “whisper coaldust” – then stick to simple descriptions of colour – grey.

(3)    In fashion, sizes need to be included Size 10,12,14, Waist 30, 40 etc.

(4)    And don’t forget to be clear about what it is – Dress, Skirt, iPhone 5s.

(5)    Add additional qualifying descriptions – Casual Suit, Business Suit, Party Dress

(6)    But most important of all – use up the 80 characters as efficiently and sensibly as possible. So avoid commas and full stops, as much as makes sense.

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