To make life as easy as possible, for retailers using Seller Dynamics, the Amazon repricer allows you to define a Default Pricing Profile. This means that when you upload a new stock list to Seller Dynamics, where you have not included a Pricing Profile in the upload, the system will use the profile defined as the current Default Pricing Profile.

Default Pricing Profiles save you time.So if the Default Profile was previously set to Profile A, then it is Profile A that is assigned to each item.

Changing the Profile assigned to the Default Profile will not impact those items previously uploaded. This is to allow you to upload one stock list with a Default Profile of say Profile A for say DVDs, and then upload a second stock list, for say CDs, with a newly set Default Profile of Profile B.

If you need to change the profile parameters for the stock assigned to Profile A or B, then it’s simply a matter of editing that profile and resaving. Or you can assign individual items completely new Profiles on a one by one basis.

As way of an example:

1) Create Profile A: min margin 20% max margin 200%.
2) Set the Default Profile to Profile A.
3) Upload Stock List 1 (no profiles included).
4) All items in Stock List 1 are assigned to Profile A (20% to 200% margin).
5) Now create Profile B: min margin 10% max margin 50%.
6) Set the Default Profile to Profile B.
7) Upload Stock List 2 with items not previously uploaded (no profiles included).
8) All items in Stock List 1 continue to be controlled by Profile A. The items in Stock List 2 are under the control of Profile B (10% to 50% margin).

Amazon Repricer, Seller Dynamics
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