Before you are able to take advantage of the ebay listing software and the ebay repricer, within Seller Dynamics, there are a couple of ebay road bumps to get over.

ebay have put in place a couple of gating factors to help them qualify sellers. They are there to protect all of us, whether we are a buyer or a seller, but like all things that seem to get in the way, they are a bit of a frustration. So what are they?

  1. You must have been selling on ebay for 90 days before you can automate your listings.
  2. You must have had at least 10 positive feedbacks from your buyers.

We find that this is never a problem for the retailers we work with so it’s nothing to worry about – though the 90 days is a bit of a drag admittedly. That said, for newcomers to ebay spending 90 days learning how to use ebay “hands on” isn’t a bad idea.

Be live on ebay for 90 days before you can automate.If you’re nervous about getting 10 positive feedbacks – don’t be. ebay was always designed to encourage feedback from its buyers and sellers, so gaining the required feedback shouldn’t be hard. A gentle nudge to your customers explaining that you are new to ebay and would welcome their support is all that is required at most. Because of ebay’s roots in the peer to peer realm swapping feedback has always been a core part of the system – much more so than say Amazon.

You can understand why ebay want to hold newbies back a little – there is obviously the learning to run before you can walk argument – but the more serious aspect to this is that they want to check your business can deliver and more importantly that is genuine and isn’t doing anything that would damage ebays reputation. In short they are checking you out as legitimate.

So ok, there are a couple of ebay road bumps to get over, but the sooner you get registered and selling, the sooner you’ll be ebay bulk listing and automating the whole process.

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