Within Seller Dynamics the Amazon Repricer allows you to create specific “pricing profiles” for each group of SKUs as you see fit. Perhaps you require a profile for a selection of SKUs related to an outdated fashion line, or perhaps you have a new range of pullovers that you know is likely to sell very well, even at a relatively high price. With Seller Dynamics you have complete flexibility to create specific pricing profiles and strategies that meet you goals.

Quickly change pricing profiles across thousands of items.If required, you can alter the price profile for each of your goods individually to give you ultimate control. So if one or two items need special treatment you can target those items and refine their pricing profile.

As you would expect there are also methods to quickly change pricing profiles across thousands of items. Perhaps a sale is starting or about to end. With Seller Dynamics updating massive SKU lists is simplicity itself. Simply download your stock list from Seller Dynamics and with a global replace, courtesy of an Excel Editor, replace the redundant pricing profile with the new one that you have already created in Seller Dynamics.

Perhaps you have an existing “Winter Season” profile where the margins go from 50% to 300% and you now want an end of season clearance as spring approaches. Simply create an “End of Winter Clearance” pricing profile in Seller Dynamics so that, say, margins are 30% to 50%. Download your stock, do a global find for “Winter Season” and replace with “End of Winter Clearance”, and then upload to Seller Dynamics – job done. Your sale has started.

By allowing you to export your stock together with the associated pricing profiles we give you the maximum flexibility possible. You can either edit within Seller Dynamics, or export complete lists in order to review and refine at your leisure.

Amazon Repricer, Seller Dynamics
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