There is a major benefit in offering free postage on ebay – you’ll get better search results.

Getting to the final checkout on a website, only to discover that the price you had become mentally attached to is now £3 higher because of postage, can be disappointing. I’ve certainly stopped at that point and abandoned my shopping cart. I’m sure many of us are the same – we’ve mentioned anchor pricing before and it’s all part of the way our brain processes numbers – we become attached to them, or anchored to them. Bizarre but true.

So how can you reduce the chances of someone walking away from your stuff on ebay?

The good news is that you can, of course, offer free postage on an item and instead load the price with the related overhead. It simplifies the decision for the buyer significantly. The ebay repricer within Seller Dynamics provides all the facilities you’ll need to adjust your pricing quickly to include any overheads.

But what was that about improved search results?

Include P&P within your price to improve your ebay search results.The ebay ranking algorithm uses the title of the item to determine who has “best match” but it also likes to look at other things including the postage options. By offering free P&P you’ll creep up the rankings and give yourself a better chance of being found and winning sales.

So it’s a win all round isn’t it? The customer gets to see the price they are really paying so they won’t abandon their shopping cart in the aisle, and you have a better chance of being found in the first place. Result.

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