It’s true that in sport winning isn’t everything, but I think we would all agree that it sure beats coming second.

When it comes to selling on the global marketplaces such as Amazon, more often than not, the way to win is to have the best price. On Amazon, in almost all cases, price is king. Amazon is a catalogue based system, which means that the only way to differentiate yourself is through your price and the quality of your service, as suggested by your feedback rating.

Winning isn’t everything but it sure beats coming second.
When it comes to price if you are the cheapest then it will be you that pops up at the top of the list when potential customers are looking for that specific item. That list (on the left hand side of the screen) is a highly competitive space and it’s there where you’ll be fighting for sales almost all of the time.

That’s why you need something to help. Whether you’re listing a few hundred SKUs, or a few hundred thousand SKUs, you need a system that not only helps you list, but also manages your price to keep you at the top of the list, subject of course to your specified min/max margins.

The Amazon Repricer at the heart of Seller Dynamics will continuously position your SKUs in such a way as to keep you on top. Not only that but the price difference, between you and the retailer in second place, is easily controlled by you. You can be as tight as a penny when it comes to the difference, or as generous as you want to make sure the buyer doesn’t hesitate.
On Amazon in almost all cases price is king. Only when it comes to the Buy Box does your Amazon feedback rating come into account. And even then you better have a good price.On Amazon in almost all cases price is king – except when it comes to the Amazon Buy Box. The Amazon Buy Box, on the right hand side of the screen, doesn’t always show the cheapest option. Instead it looks at the longevity of the seller, the feedback score and the stock held, before throwing in the price to decide who to promote. Again though you’ll need to automate the pricing to ensure you stand a chance of winning the sale. We’ve found, more often than not, that being a penny cheaper isn’t enough to swing things in your favour with the Buy Box, so you might want to increase the difference in your repricer pricing profile.

The Seller Dynamics Amazon repricer lets you set up multiple pricing profiles, this ensures that all the pricing and competitive parameters can be adjusted for groups of SKUs, and allows you to have separate Amazon Buy Box pricing strategies. That flexibility gives you, the retailer, the advantages needed to come first time after time. Winning isn’t everything in Sport – but it is on Amazon.

Amazon Repricer
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