“Be careful what you wish for” – a wise man once said to me. Or have I got myself confused with the story of Aladdin and the Genie? But yeah – be careful what you wish for. In the world of marketplaces where Seller Dynamics lives we sometimes see that retailer’s wishes can go wrong.

We all want to sell more, sell more profitably and then buy the yacht, Aston Martin, local football team (delete as appropriate). But for some retailers who have started to enjoy increased sales, things can very suddenly go wrong.

Stock control is simple – isn’t it. Buy some stuff, sell it, reorder it. Easy as lemon squeezy (why is lemon squeezy easy peasy?).
Stock Control is as easy as lemon squeezy.
Except for online retailers it’s a little bit more awkward than that. With stock being offered in multiple locations – ebay, amazon, play, fnac for instance – if you don’t have the correct stock control systems in place it’s easy to get out of control.

Unified Stock Management is what we call it at Seller Dynamics – admittedly a bit of a mouthful – but I guess it says it well enough.

For bulk listing on ebay it’s not just enough to find a tool that can list your stuff – it has to be a system that can adjust your stock levels as you sell – wherever you sell. Retailers who have ended up overselling know exactly what I mean – it’s a painful situation to recover from. And then there is the added difficultly of fulfilment – some of your stock is in hand, some at a fulfilment centre and some only held virtually (ie with a distributor).

Ebay listing tools come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to consider if they can really make your wishes come true. Some listing tools simply re-enforce the saying – “be careful what you wish for”.
Be careful what you wish for.
For us it was never just enough to simply list stuff on ebay – so we also manage stock, descriptions, orders and prices. And we do that across all the ebays – as well as Amazon, Play and fnac. To help describe that, we refer to ourselves as multiple marketplace management providers. Now that I’ve said all that…. Go ahead and make your wish.

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