Selling on Amazon opens up a huge opportunity for retailers who are ambitious and want to sell in their home country as well as around the globe.

3.3% of the globes population shop on Amazon.It’s easy to underestimate the reach that Amazon has. But did you know that 3.3% of the globe shop on Amazon. That’s not 3.3% of the people who buy on-line, or even 3.3% of internet users, that’s 3.3% of the world’s population. Truly staggering.

Amazon boasts 237 million shoppers, an incredible success story for a business that put it’s first website live in 1995. Those shoppers are buying on various Amazon country specific sites and as a retailer you can access 8. Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan are all sources of new sales for the retailers with the right attitude and the right products.

Amazon generates $40 Billion of sales per annum for it’s third party retailers.Those 8 sites help Amazon generate circa $40 Billion sales per annum for third party sellers, and each year that estimate grows and grows, as more and more retailers join in the no risk way of selling more.

It should be apparent that the best way to take advantage of the sales opportunity offered by Amazon is to automate and streamline processes, and that’s where Seller Dynamics comes in. Automated listing, repricing, order consolidation, re-ordering, goods-in, dispatch are all features which make Seller Dynamics the best way to grow your online business.


Undoubtedly the Amazon Repricer will interest you a lot as it positions you as competitively as possible on each of the Amazon markets you are listing on. And it’s easy to try out a new Amazon site – we don’t charge you a setup fee or have hidden fess, so if you want to try out France or Italy – have a go. We won’t get in your way.

Amazon Repricer
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