We’ve met a lot of people over the years who in a previous life would have been selling in the great market cities of the world. Places like Cambridge, a famed market city, or the various market towns along the border of England and Scotland, or the numerous eclectic flea markets of Paris.

Today though, those same individuals are attracted to ebay – a traders paradise, a flea market on a global scale.

Among many if its characteristics ebay is particularly good for finding bulk deals. Seasonal end of lines can often be dumped onto the marketplace to generate quick cash for a cash poor distributor. Not interested in B2C sales, distributors with excess stock, can often offer up pallets or bulk deals simply to move things along at a pace.

ebay to some is a flea market on a truly global scaleFor retailers then ebay isn’t simply a place to sell goods to the public, it’s also the place to occasionally find discounted stock. The same is true for retailers who simply need to release stock that is no longer moving – perhaps offering in a bulk manner will generate quick cash, free up space and reduce stress.

It’s unusual among the marketplaces to find such a facility to shift bulk goods, and it demonstrates yet another uniqueness related to listing on ebay.

As to whether to sell bulk via BUY IT NOW or Auctions that is really a question of strategy. If you’re in a hurry and you know what you want for the stock then BUY IT NOW must appeal. But if you’re prepared to gamble a little then an Auction might suit better. There’s nothing to stop you trying both with split stock of course.

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