ROFL – the first time someone sent that as a text to me I had to ask what they meant. After that the rest became easy: LOL, ROTFL, LMAO, PMSL.

We maybe weren’t rolling on the floor laughing, or needing to change underwear, the other day, when we heard how one repricer does its thing, but we did have a little chortle.

It seems that there are repricers out there which force the retailer to list every single item in an excel sheet and then put a min and max next to each item before sending it to their “solution provider” sic.

That’s a laugh and a half.

No limit on the SKUs that can be listed with Seller DynamicsCompare that to the calm and stress free world of Seller Dymamics where our repricer allows profiles to be set up and quickly allocated to individual SKUs or groups of SKUs.

The benefit is clear to anyone who has had to handle more than just a handful of SKUs. Quite simply you group things together in such a manner that you can allocate a pricing range based on a percentage of the base or anchor price.
With that capability at hand it really does allow retailers to list hundreds of thousands of SKUs across multiple markets – giving them a virtual footprint of millions of SKUs.

There is no limit to the number of SKUs that a retailer can list with Seller Dynamics ensuring that there is no technical barrier to growing sales.

Whether we’re acting as an Amazon repricer or a repricer for any of the other markets we behave the same, we allow distinct groups of SKUs to be allocated against what we call Pricing Profiles, and it doesn’t eat up valuable time to do.

Warning Seller Dynamics makes life so much fun that you might end up ROFL. (Fresh underwear is available via Amazon-Clothing).

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