Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, ebay was an auction site. Well actually to be correct just 9 years ago ebay started off as just an auction site in the States. But now I just love the BUY IT NOW button. For folks like me who would never dream of buying something at an auction – real or virtual -the BUY IT NOW button is a big relief.

It helps me and others with a couple of things….

1) If I want something, I want it now, right away, pronto, don’t spare the horses. Not in 6 days time when the auction ends, and only then if I’ve been lucky and haven’t had someone outbid me in the last 3 seconds.

2) And I also have a thing about overpaying, what if I put in a bid so high that I’m being stupid. Or is that just a Scottish thing?

I’m sure you get the idea – auctions aren’t every shoppers ideal method for buying stuff. But equally they are not the ideal mechanism for all retailers either.

Get yourself on ebay so that people like me can BUY IT NOW.
For retailers who are out to increase sales on ebay the quickest and most scalable method of selling on ebay is to simply lay your stall out in as transparent and clear manner as possible.

Shoppers like to have a clear picture of what they are getting – and the auction approach is taking away part of the transparency. People don’t like opaque (unless it’s a toilet window).

It also means that you can quickly list thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of SKUs on ebay without having to manage a myriad of auctions. In short ebay simply becomes another sales channel for you the retailer. You’ll need ebay listing tools and ebay repricing tools to help you scale – but in the short term don’t let that hold you back. Get yourself on ebay so that people like me can BUY IT NOW.

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