There are a couple of ways to increase your profits on Amazon with the Seller Dynamics’ Amazon Repricer. The repricer operates by taking your cost (or anchor) price and allowing you, the retailer, to set a working margin from that point – a minimum margin and a maximum margin. But you can do a lot more than that if required. Here’s one example…

Include an additional fixed profit element
Our Amazon Repricer allows you to also include a fixed profit element. So if you were to include a fixed profit element of say 43p, the repricer will ensure that your margins are increased by 43 pence.

As an example let’s say you have an item with a cost price of £10 and you have set your minimum margin to 30% and your maximum margin to 500%. That allows your price to move between £13 (£10 + 30%) and £60 (£10 plus £50). If you then add in the flat profit element, then the minimum and maximum levels are adjusted to be £10.43 and £60.43.

Seller Dynamics manages stock, prices, orders, packing, suppliers and goods-in
So with an in-built “flat profit” element you can be assured that if you need an extra few pence or few dollars to cover costs then you can always do that.

And with the repricer operating across more than just Amazon – the same is true of all the other markets you might choose to list on – ebay, Play, or maybe fnac in France for instance. And don’t forget that the Seller Dynamics repricer works as an integrated part of Seller Dynamics which manages stock, packing, orders, suppliers and goods in.

Adding a little cream on top of your dessert is always nice – and you can do the same with the Amazon Repricer in Seller Dynamics.

Amazon Repricer
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