When ebay was founded back in September 1995 it sounded completely nuts. Who on earth would buy something from someone’s attic when they couldn’t see the thing and didn’t know the seller. That’ll never work. Err…..

Less than 10 years later and ebay is a global marketplace with well over 200 million users. From its early days as a peer to peer auction site it is now a very different beast.

ebay has built itself into a necessary sales channel for retailers almost regardless of what they sell and where they sell from or to. The days of it being a place to raise a little bit of cash from unwanted “junk” are long gone.
Although still very popular as an auction site it’s now dominated by businesses of various sizes selling directly to the public at fixed prices.
ebay click and collect demonstrates ebay strategy
The various strategic relationships are developing at a pace. The recent partnership between Argos in the UK and ebay is a case in point. The partnership allows the roll out of Click and Collect across part of the Argos estate, a significant development at a corporate level, and a relationship which puts ebay front of mind for the consumer.

With the evolution continuing it’s no surprise that the need for ebay management and ebay repricing & listing tools grows. And as the size of retailers using ebay grows then it’s no surprise that they are looking for robust systems that integrate with warehouse and ERP systems. Hence the need for Seller Dynamics – covering all the bases for ebay whether the retailer is small, medium or enterprise.

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