You live and learn. And unfortunately some of the clients that come along to Seller Dynamics have had some painful life lessons – especially when it comes to Amazon Repricers.

There is more than one option out there if you are thinking about using an Amazon Repricer – but we find that when the phone rings, or the on-line chat facility goes bing, that in many cases it’s a disgruntled retailer wanting to find an Amazon Repricer that does more than just make a series of empty claims.

With a background in financial transaction processing for self service banking, the team behind Seller Dynamics take things seriously when it comes to creating robust software, that’s why when we hear horror stories from potential clients we wince.

There was the story of a well known repricer flooring prices to a penny – not cool, very not cool. Imagine that – everything must go at our Penny Bazaar.

Then there is the myriad of strange things that some suppliers want a retailer to do – send them the price update files so that they can add it to the system manually is our favourite at the moment. Imagine that… every time you want to try out a new pricing strategy you have to contact the supplier of your system for help. No thanks.

Or how about the repricers that don’t adjust your stock when something sells. What’s the point of that – all that does is get you into oversold situations and get you chucked off the markets. Ouch.

And then there are the repricers that can’t do anything other than Amazon – how rubbish is that – I mean really. And the repricers that claim they can reprice on Play but actually can’t reprice your stock back up the way when the market changes – that’s a laugh isn’t it?

Not all Amazon Repricers are the same
Not all Amazon Repricers are the same – that’s why the Amazon Repricer from Seller Dynamics is so popular – it works perfectly, works across hundreds of thousands of SKUs, works across all the Amazons, ebays, Play and fnac regardless of currency. And also works in both Euro’s and Pounds on Play (nice one guys). You can compete on the Buy Box, add a flat profit on top of your margin, compete on net price or fully landed price, factor in currency rates, have as many pricing profiles as you want, even round up to the next 99p on ebay.

You live and learn – but if you’re considering an Amazon Repricer (and you really should) then live a little and use Seller Dynamics.

Seller Dynamics
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