At Seller Dynamics we thought it was a good idea to start releasing “How To” articles to explain things that an online retailer really ought to know about. Not just about what we do – but the other stuff that is important to help online sales.

But we are all time pressed – and retailers more than most. So we needed a quick way to pass on the stuff we thought was important.

We looked around and realised that an awful lot of retail consultants are taking an awful long time to explain one thing. We’ve seen videos on YouTube that take 15 minutes to tell you one thing – and to tell you that one thing badly – it can be a couple of minutes before they stop telling you who they are and why they are the most wonderful person/business/expert in the world. We didn’t like that, so we set ourself a challenge….

“For every topic that we think is worth giving the heads up on we would limit the explanation to just 60 seconds and avoid all the BS (boring stuff).”

Thats just enough time to say why the info is important and give two or three quick pointers. If folks want to know more then we’ll give them enough info to let them explore elsewhere on the web. And if we’re not telling the viewer anything new – then we’ve not wasted 15 minutes of their time.

60 fast seconds on as many things as we think might be useful such as the returns policy or the Amazon Buy Box. Here is the “How To” playlist…

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