How much will your online sales increase this Christmas? That’s a question that is never far from the minds of the team at Seller Dynamics. It’s vital that we understand online sales growth and do whatever it takes to make those sales happen for our retailer clients.

That means we pour over the stats and look for trends and targets to beat. And the other day somebody in the team said we should “do” an “infographic” – and we had an idea… a very clever idea.

You see infographics are all very well – but lets face it they are everywhere. With so much info flying around the infographic has become the fast food of information – too busy to read? No problem – just look at the size of the banana icon in the graphic – no more reading just check out the number of car icons versus the number of bike icons to get the vital statistics at a glance. Trouble is we’ve already got bored with infographics…. or is that just me?

So we wanted more out of our infographic…. we wanted it to be different, we wanted it to be interactive, we wanted it to be something you really did want to look at, we wanted it to be fun and surprising and we wanted to reward the people who took the time to engage with the graphic properly.

Amazon £50 prize

Colour us in and win a prize

So introducing our Colouring in Christmas infographic. Sure it contains the info that online retailers need to get a quick idea for online sales growth and the percentage of online versus all retail, but it also rewards those who spend some time with it.  How do we do that? Well we offer the chance of a prize if its coloured in an uploaded to our Facebook page. You can join in here – Seller Dynamics £50 Amazon competition.



Grab the info you need quick if you want – but spend some extra time and you might win a prize. So just like Seller Dynamics our infographic is the best when it comes to online retail.

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