Occasionally you come across a cracker of a name for a business and at Seller Dynamics we’ve found one! Latest clients Canny Media!

Now at first the name only appealed to our Geordie Account manager (H’way the Lads)- in fact we deliberately tricked him into saying Canny Media at the Monday Sales Meetings without him noticing that we were playing Canny Media bingo. The record was 21 mentions in 75 minutes. I’m sure Paul must have wondered why we started to snigger at 10. Richard won the fiver prize for getting the closest guess with 23.

But as the team got to know the business the name became much more that just a reet good laugh.

Canny Media are a media on demand business. They do magic when you order stuff from them (and now because of the magic that Seller Dynamics does they do it on Play.com as well).

Heres what their web site says…

“Content is digitised and stored on company servers. No physical Inventory is held.
Customer orders are received via a large number of internet retailers including Canny Store, Amazon.co.uk, all Amazon Market Place sites and many others (now inc Play.com Ed….). So distribution channels are wide open and sales maximised.

Upon receipt of order, Canny systems automatically manufacture the disc, print the sleeve / jacket, and generates a dispatch note. This happens completely automatically 24/7/365.”

Now if that isn’t a canny thing to do then I’ll go to the foot of our stairs (and other up north sayings).

ps in researching this in depth blog post we’d like to thank http://www.geordie.org.uk for the English to Geordie translator. I’m sure we’ll be able to use it a lot more when we can’t understand Paul. 🙂

Our full article on Canny Media joining Play.com with Seller Dynamics.

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