At Seller Dynamics we’ve always been serious about being available for our customers and building a more personal business image. Whether this is our Account Team being readily available to speak to all clients, or our social pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we like to communicate and hear what people have to say to us.

We have a recently installed a new instant messenger chat feature which now allows anyone browsing the site to chat to the team. Useful for current clients, potential clients, interested browsers, you can now have an instant conversation with a member of staff. If you want to ask us questions, find out more about multi channel ecommerce, or simply hit us up with your best chat, we’ll be there to chat back.

This chat service is effectively an extension of our Account Team and can be used if you need to quickly obtain some information or speak to one of our Account Managers or members of the Sales Team.

Come along, give us your chat, and tell your friends because after all, who else offers you instant marketplace management tips and advice at the touch of your keyboard?

Seller Dynamics
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