Amazon has announced plans to offer customers digital copies of printed books that they have purchased in the past for a free or at a discounted price. Named “Amazon Matchbook,” the service which will launch exclusively in the USA from October, and is expected to be rolled out over Amazon’s international marketplaces in the near future.

Long before becoming a partner marketplace of Seller Dynamics, Amazon was initially established as an online vendor in 1995 and all customers who have purchased printed books since the early days of Amazon will now have the opportunity to add more than 10,000 selected titles to their Kindle either free of charge or at a low rate. This move is similar to the idea of Amazon Autorip, where customers who purchased CDs from Amazon were able to listen to their albums online. AmzKindleMatchbook

Amazon announced that Matchbook would offer digital versions of titles for prices ranging between $2.99 (£1.92) to free, and that the move is a step in bringing book enthusiasts into the digital world.

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