With the likes of eBay Motors and Amazon Car Store becoming increasingly popular choices for automotive retailers looking to sell online, Seller Dynamics is offering a new solution to help them win in the world of e-commerce. With Seller Dynamics’ cloud based marketplace management software offering powerful automated features such as dynamic repricing, inventory management and delivery & fulfilment solutions, retailers of all things car-related have their best-ever chance to grow sales and profits.


While not traditionally viewed as an e-retail sector, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon have developed thriving automotive sectors, enabling traders to list a huge range of car parts and accessories. From external lights and indicators, to rims and valves, the power of e-commerce is increasingly strengthening in this industry and Steve Boland of Seller Dynamics believes that now is the time for business owners to broaden their horizons when it comes to growing their profit margins.

“Ten years ago nobody would have thought of coming online to buy car parts but with so many options available these days, customers can do just that without the hassle of having to visit numerous stores and physically searching for the best deals. By listing online, automotive retailers will have their listings in the shop window 24/7 and will be opening up to a whole host of new potential customers.”

Boland adds, “with features such as dynamic repricing and stock control software, Seller Dynamics does most of the hard work that’s needed to run a business over multiple marketplaces, and vitally, allows clients to compete on price while still optimising profit margins.”

While bricks and mortar retail has stalled over recent years, Seller Dynamics is ready to put it back into gear and drive profits through the roof. Auto retailers are being encouraged to get in touch with the marketplace management experts and further information can be found by calling +44 (0)1786 430076 or emailing info@sellerdynamics.com.

Seller Dynamics
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