This month marks a full year of Seller Dynamics! Providing marketplace management solutions is our speciality, and increasing sales for each and every client is what we do best. We’ve come a long way in our first year, and here are some of the changes that have taken place:

  • A World leading repricer: An advanced dynamic repricing tool to keep your offerings both competitive and profitable on each marketplace. We are also the only company to offer full dynamic repricing on Rakuten’s Compete on price, including competing for the Buy box on Amazon. Separate repricing options for FBA are also included.
  • New Partnerships: Seller Dynamics is officially a partner of Amazon, eBay, and Fnac, meaning that our clients can sell on all of those marketplaces.
  • Single Dashboard & Reporting: Easily view and edit all your stock and manage your orders on a single screen. Analyse your data to see which products are best sellers and generate live reports of your sales, margins, and customers.
  • Linking FBA to Seller Dynamics: Clients selling with FBA on Amazon can view all inventory from a single dashboard, automatically and intelligently switch stock between company stock rooms and Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

1 year of Seller Dynamics

If you’re interested in letting Seller Dynamics help grow your online sales, why not get a free demo or contact us on 01786 430 076 or

Seller Dynamics
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