June proved to be a highly successful month for UK e-commerce, with year-on-year online sales figures growing by 20%. Reports from IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index suggest that the UKs economic recovery is being stimulated through an increased growth in online spending, with the online retail market even exceeding an average growth forecast of 12% to record a 16% growth in the first half of the calendar year.

This growth saw home and garden retailers profit the most after their industry saw a whopping 29% year-on-year growth from June 2012. Clothing sales were also up 29%, with experts indicating that both these sectors had benefited from the excellent summer weather the UK has seen over the past weeks. Mobile e-commerce has also been cited as a factor for this latest boom. Conversion rates via mobile devices increased slightly by 0.76% compared to the previous June. With more companies diverting bigger slices of their technology budget into investing in apps and user acceptance testing to improve the overall buying experience, shoppers are becoming more accepting of using mobile devices to complete transactions.

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